2017 Annual Report

CEO Letter

Thank you for taking the time to review our 2017 annual report.  This document is our report to you on MRCI’s success as an organization in meeting its mission to advance the lives of the people we serve.  Most importantly, it is also our opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of our clients.


It is our belief that everyone should choose their vocation and control their path to work.  In 2017, MRCI had the privilege of serving more than 4000 individuals. The success of our clients is also a success for our communities.  Each worker is a wage earner, a consumer and a contributing member of the community.  They live, shop and enjoy the quality of life that comes with having a good job and receiving a pay check.  They contribute to the vitality of the businesses for which they work for on many fronts.  It is a partnership that is built on mutual respect and value for all involved.


As we have always done, MRCI will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients.  We look to the future for new opportunities and practices to be the best we can be.  There are challenges to face, but challenges are what make us stronger and better.  We look forward to many more success stories of changed lives in 2018.

We thank our dedicated staff, Board of Directors and all of you who partnered with us and those we serve to achieve so much.  We could not do this without you.


Brian Benshoof, CEO

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MRCI Board of Directors

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Carol Helget

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Business Highlights

• Client payroll system converted to new Vertex software

• Chief Business and Marketing Officer position developed and added to leadership team

• Comprehensive fund development plan drafted and implemented

• Five year contracts renegotiated with State Vocational Services and State Services for the Blind

• Implemented customer relationship management system (CRM)

• Quality Products production line moved from Kasota facility to Map Drive facility


Program Highlights

Client Directed Services received state approval to transition to Fiscal Service Entity; one of only a few in the state

• Center-based extended employment was discontinued in favor of community employment and supported employment only for extended employment clients

• Received largest wage equity bonus from extended employment in the state; based on clients working at or above minimum wage

• Staff attended certification program in Customized Employment by Mark Gold & Associates

• DT&H recreation and leisure program (Venture) developed and launched in Chaska

• Parent Advocacy group piloted at Chaska



We are privileged to participate in the lives of 4,287 individuals who live in areas that extend from the Twin Cities to Central and Southern Minnesota. Below we report on of the diverse population we serve through MRCI’s programs and employment services.


  • 2,016 individuals (non-Client Directed Services clients) were active with MRCI's programs in 2017.
  • 306 clients became employed and successfully no longer need MRCI services in 2017.
  • 1,164 people worked in Community Employment in the Mankato, Fairmont, New Ulm, Shakopee, Chaska, and Rosemount areas.
  • 35 people were entered the Minnesota Employment Project for persons with severe mental illness.
  • 94 Community Employment workers also worked in Center-Based jobs.
  • 237 clients from all programs were placed in employer-paid community employment in 2017, averaging 23 hours per week and an average wage of $10.56.
  • 634 individuals obtained independent competitive employment.
  • 567 of the community employment workers were licensed program participants.
  • In 2017, the average hourly wage for community based employment for all locations was $9.68 compared to $9.50 in 2016.
  • 81 individuals entered the employee development/School to Work Programs.
  • 1,029 individuals participated in Day Training and Habilitation licensed programs at 11 locations.
  • 35 people worked exclusively in Center Based programs in Mankato, New Ulm, Fairmont, Chaska, Shakopee, or Rosemount.
  • 66 retirees participated in the Mankato or New Ulm EASE program
  • 23 individuals combine a work program with their Adult Day program.
  • 1,092 people were served in the Welfare to Work program.
  • 1,785 families are enrolled in a variety of Client Directed Services (CDS) programs, including CDCS, Personal Support and PCA Choice in counties throughout central and southern Minnesota
  • 645,696 miles were traveled to assist clients in their transportation needs to and from work.

Financial Statement


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MRCI is a Affirmative Action  Equal Opportunity Employer


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